Refresh autumn and winter coordinates, which tend to be monotonous in coloring!

Refresh autumn and winter coordinates, which tend to be monotonous in coloring!

Refresh your fall/winter men's coordination with color matching!

Coordinating in monotone or basic colors such as navy and gray is safe but lacks interest.
In this issue, we introduce stylish " coloring sample" coordination to refresh your fall/winter coordination, which tends to be monotonous in its use of colors!

Coloring Sample Coordinates (1): "Red and Black

Red is one of the most popular trendy colors this season.
Moreover, the combination of " red and black" itself is also attracting a lot of attention. It is no exaggeration to say that red is the most impactful color, and the combination of red and black gives a fresh, modern, and relaxed impression. Red is good as a stand-alone item, or, as in this coordination, red can be added to outerwear to add a touch of flair.

Sample coloring coordination ( 2 ): " Brown and Olive

The earth color coordinate with brown colors is one of the standard, and a chic and adult impression comes to mind.
To change the atmosphere, try contrasting lighter browns with greenish olives. This will tighten the crisp contours of the earth colors and create a crisp look.

Coloring Sample Codes (3) Blue and Indigo Blue Blue × Indigo Blue

Indigo blue jeans are one of the basic colors in men's fashion, but if you want to incorporate it into a fashionable coloring with a bit of color, rather than just a safe outfit, why not try a bright blue color?

Blue has been a men's trend color for the past few years, including navy, but this season there has been a slight change in color, with brighter green being popular. It goes well with rigid denim, and it is one of the colors that we would like you to try, as it is easy to create an atmosphere of "enjoying fashion with color".

Enjoy Fashion!

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