Single Riders, Coordinates Special!

Single Riders, Coordinates Special!

A single rider jacket with a minimalist design that creates a sophisticated adult atmosphere

The minimalist design of this single rider jacket, with its stripped-down decoration, creates a sophisticated adult atmosphere. Compared to the heavy and decorative double riders, the simplicity of the single riders jacket allows it to be worn in a wide range of fashion styles.

In this issue, we focus on single riders jackets and introduce three coordinated looks!

Coordination #1: BurningDyed's burgundy single riders promise to be dropped into a low-colored coordinate.

Single riders come in a wide variety of styles. While minimalist designs with minimal decoration are the mainstream, this FEVER is characterized by its burgundy color, which has the unique unevenness and burnt color of BurningDyed - a product dyed by combustion.

The coordination of single riders with some gimmick, though not as much as double riders, is to keep the number of colors low and keep it simple.

The pinstripe wool pants and burgundy single riders coordinate is effective with white items and white details to add white to the outfit. Whether the biker style is edgy or clean, the white inserts will give the coordination a mature look and a sense of slackness.

Coordination 2: If you want to accentuate the single riders made of French horse hide, the combination with skinny jeans is effective

To accentuate the chunky texture and luster of single riders made of French horsehide, the combination with skinny pants is effective.

Coordinating with a monotone color scheme and slim, simple bottoms will definitely accentuate JAY's two front zipper design, texture, and luster.

To avoid getting cold at this time of the year, the inner shirt is made of wool cashmere for warmth.
The warmth-retaining inner lining on the cold- and windproof leather will not only bring a sense of seasonality to the look, but also add warmth.

Coordination 3: Insert a checkered flannel shirt into a single rider's jacket to shift the coordinate to an American casual look.

The single riders jacket is no exception to this trend, where the emphasis is on a relaxed, formal look, and a gimmick to add a touch of sophistication, such as a hint of haphazardness or playfulness, is essential.

While it is important to stick to the standard styling, it will be a waste if your outfits look old-fashioned.

The simple and mature SLATER in Japan oil calf with a checkered shirt as an inner layer and one-washed cropped jeans: CROPPED JAM, give the outfit an American casual look.
The knit cap adds an even rougher, more casual feel to the coordination, giving it an adult, playful feel.

Enjoy Fashion!

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