Spring Outerwear Men's Special! Burning Dye SPEEDER Edition

Spring Outerwear Men's Special! Burning Dye SPEEDER Edition

A must-have for spring and summer outerwear! The one and only!

Leather jackets," with their heavy, hard look that creates a masculine atmosphere, have a unique presence.
It has a wide range of coordination options, from a rocking, rugged look to a more elegant look with a shirt.

In this issue, we will introduce you to the Japan Calfskin BurningDyed SPEEDER ", and two coordinated outfits using it!

Coordination #1: Make the most of the new color "BEER GREEN" for a spring and summer look!

Burning Dyed " is a process in which alcohol is burned and then the dye is transferred to the alcohol and the reaction causes the dye to change color and burn, giving it a unique uneven texture.

The burnt dye is fixed, and the unique shading and unevenness create an expression, which is characterized by an elegant and colorful atmosphere that cannot be found in product dyeing.

The new color BEER GREEN is dyed once in yellow and then again in green. By dyeing twice, it looks as if it has been worn in from the beginning.

Pairing indigo used jeans "1977" with the new color BEER GREEN "SPEEDER " creates a spring/summer look.

The tone-on-tone combination of faded indigo jeans and a BEER GREEN leather jacket that looks as if it has been aged, is complemented by the black of the parka, boots, and sunglasses to keep the overall look from becoming bland.

Coordination #2: Make "SPEEDER" the centerpiece of the coordination by incorporating items with subdued colors.

For a rugged item like a burning-dye leather jacket, wearing a shirt as an inner layer can add a trendy look this season.

Other key points are to mix items with moderately dressy tastes, such as changing pants to slacks and tightening the footwear with leather shoes.

In this coordination, the inner shirt, denim, and boots are all black, keeping the color tone low in order to let the new color, BEER GREEN "SPEEDER," take center stage.
Please refer to this collection when you want to incorporate colorful items into your wardrobe.

Enjoy Fashion!

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