A special feature on men's shirt coordination for spring and summer reference!

A special feature on men's shirt coordination for spring and summer reference!

A shirt that accentuates a coordinated look!

This is a highly versatile item that can be used for everything from dress-mix outfits to casual coordinates, and is useful not only as an inner layer but also as a light outer layer.
Shirts" are a great way to accentuate your coordination!

This time, we would like to introduce you to three different types of "shirts " for men's coordination. men's coordination using three different shirts! with three different "shirts" for men!

Coordination #1: Add this to a leather jacket style for a full accent effect!

For beginners who are not yet comfortable with the idea of wearing a patterned shirt such as this leopard shirt, we recommend using it with a leather jacket.
The key to making it look chic is to reduce the visible area by wearing it with outerwear rather than wearing it alone. The small area of the jacket also increases the accent effect of the pattern, which is the perfect spice to create a sense of fun.

It is also possible to show a glimpse of the pattern through the sleeves, as shown in this coordination.

This coordinate combines a western shirt with leopard accents on the yoke, pocket flaps, and cuffs with slim black denim and black rider's boots.

The items are unified in black, and the leopard patches on the shirt and jeans are linked.
The balance between the strong leopard pattern and the cool atmosphere of the black items is interesting.

Coordination 2: The set-up creates an elegant and light coordination

If adults want to differentiate themselves from young people, one way is to focus on the texture of the fabric. A strong candidate for such a case is this Taslan-processed set-up (a process in which fibers are strongly bound together by compressed air without twisting the threads ).

This luxurious set-up is made of natural dyes for both the upper and lower layers, and is sure to make a difference. The delicate, natural coloring that only natural dyes can give, this is a gem that will change with age as it is worn.

The smooth texture is one of the reasons why we recommend this item for this sweaty season.

A light and casual look can be coordinated in a variety of ways. There are many points that are surprisingly difficult to coordinate, such as material, length, and color. In such cases, a set-up is an easy way to achieve a light and elegant coordination.

The resort-style open-collared shirt and wide pants can be used alone with a casual presence.

Matching sandals on the feet will create a more relaxed and seasonal impression.

Coordination ③: The shirt andwhite tankcombination is an ironclad layered style!

The combination of a floral patterned shirt and a white tank top is an ironclad layered style for spring and summer.
However, if the patterned shirt is worn over bare skin, it may look too open and assertive.

By inserting a white T as a balancer, the sense of openness is moderated, creating an urban atmosphere. A tank top designed for innerwear exposes relatively little skin, is tight and easy to layer, and should be easy for adults to adopt.

The key to a smart look is to coordinate items other than the flower-patterned shirt in solid colors.
This technique is especially useful when you want to use an item with impact as the main item.
The top and bottom are white, but the addition of a cross necklace as an accent tightens the styling and draws the eye up, creating a vertical effect.

Enjoy Fashion!

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