Winter Jeans Codes ! Wide leg version

Winter Jeans Codes ! Wide leg version

Differentiate yourself from spring and summer coordinates with a different styling.

Jeans are useful for casual wear as well as for rough outfits. If you want to incorporate denim into your winter coordinate, which mainly consists of dark-colored items, voluminous winter outerwear, and thick layers of clothing, you need to make a difference by styling them differently from your spring and summer coordinate.

In this issue, we focus on the theme of "winter jeans coordination" and introduce some tips on how to dress up wide-leg jeans in particular!

Winter Jeans Codes ①: Full-length wide jeans are a must for winter jeans style

The must-have item to choose for winter jeans coordination is full-length wide jeans this season. The mainstay of this season's jeans is the wide-leg, thick silhouette, and the way to wear them is to cushion the full-length hem over your shoes.
Full-length wide jeans are perfect for winter coordination , perfect for balancing overcoats, voluminous winter outerwear and thick layers of clothing They are the perfect item for winter coordination.
For trendy styling, full-length wide jeans worn one-cut over boots are a good choice.

The 3D wide straight RAD CLUB jeans are characterized by a vintage-like faded color that does not look like stretch denim, and a three-dimensional pattern with attention to detail in the stitching and threads.

The 3D pattern follows the line of the leg from the side to the inside of the hem in the front and from the inseam to the center of the hem in the back, even though the jeans are wide.

Winter Jeans Codes 2) Wide Leg JeansWide-leg jeans are well balanced if the center of gravity is brought to the bottom by rolling them up.

Wide-leg jeans have a strong overall presence due to their silhouette, so it is best to use the roll-up technique to balance the look. Rolling up the jeans lowers the center of gravity to the bottom in terms of appearance and volume, creating a well-balanced look.
In this case, the shoes to be worn on the feet should have a silhouette that is as voluminous as the pants but slimmer at the ankles.

The unique waist belt specification and large zipper pockets are placed to create a stylish silhouette with a strong 3D twist despite the wide silhouette. The Easy Lyla denim easy pants from STRUM are full of attention to detail, down to the stitching and thread.

Enjoy Fashion!

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