RUST" leather outerwear to beat the cold of winter and to be used in spring

RUST" leather outerwear to beat the cold of winter and to be used in spring

Calf suede coat "RUST" with a simple yet presentable look

Calf su ede coat "RUST" is simple but has presence. is to create a look with the innerwear and bottoms that form the axis of the coordinate.
This time, we will introduce a coordinate using "RUST" that can be used to beat the cold of winter and also be active in spring, which is just a little further away!

Winter Coordination: You can't go wrong if you coordinate around a calf suede coat

The calf suede coat is the centerpiece of the outfit. If you choose a calf suede coat as the main item of clothing, and choose innerwear and bottoms that match the winter weather, you will not fail in your outfits. We recommend basic tailoring and standard colors.

In this case, a collared single rider's jacket is inserted as an inner layer in an outerwear-on-outerwear style that is unique to midwinter, and the ground grain of suede and steer coexist in this coordinated look. With this, wind & cold protection is in place, and now it is time to balance the volume of the upper body with BOXY IGGY's wide-leg silhouette for a more fashionable impression.

The outerwear-on-outer look provides a good protection against the cold and wind, and this time, a calf suede coat "RUST" is worn over a large scarf to keep you warm anddifferentiate yourself from the rest of the outfit.
Wrapping a stole over outerwear made of leather can sometimes feel slippery and bothersome, but with suede, you can keep it stable and warm even if you just lightly wrap it over your head.

Coordinates for spring : The rightinnerwear to choose in early spring is a shirt with a light texture!

If you want to emphasize the atmosphere and elegance of the calf suede coat "RUST", a light-textured shirt is the right choice for an inner layer in early spring.
In order to clear away the volume around the neck caused by the cold winter, an open-collared, transparent dot shirt will create an elegant atmosphere, giving the impression of a sophisticated adult look.

For bottoms, TIGHT JOE with a used finish was chosen to give a fresh spring-like impression. Even with the same boots as the winter coordinate, you can avoid looking heavy by simply changing the color of the bottoms to a brighter color.

The slits at the cuffs are folded back to show off the texture and dots of the inner shirt.
While the edgy design is highlighted by the slits, showing the wrists gives a seasonal lightness to the look.

Enjoy Fashion!

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