Blouson "CRANK" that will be active for a long time from fall to winter to early spring

Blouson "CRANK" that will be active for a long time from fall to winter to early spring

A blouson that is useful for balancing the bottom

Short-length blousons are ideal for accentuating the silhouette of bottoms while keeping the upper body compact. Also known this season as "cropped jackets" or "jacottes," these items are useful for balancing the bottom line.

In this issue, we introduce winter and early spring coordinates using " CRANK"!

Winter Coordination : The main axis of the coordinate is the same color, emphasizing the contrast between the short blouson and the short blouson as the main subject.

Short blouson "CRANK to accentuate its presence as the star of the outfit, it is a good idea to combine the main coordinate, consisting of the innerwear and bottoms, in the same color.
In this case, the color should be different from the blouson, and the contrast should be emphasized.
The inner denim shirt is a rigid dark blue, and the bottoms are one-tone navy with a one-washed finish.
The intellectual and clean image of navy is maintained, and the styling is refreshed while retaining a mature look.

The scarf is also used in this coordinate and is an indispensable item for protection against the winter cold.
It is said that without a scarf, your body temperature can change by 3 to 4 degrees Celsius, so when thinking about coordinating on a cold day, don't forget to include a scarf first. Of course, as a fashion item, a scarf can also be used to add volume to an outfit or accentuate the color of an outfit.

Spring Coordinates: Add a mid-layer to a short-length jacket to give a twist to the styling

To refresh the look of the short blouson "CRANK" coordinate, one technique is to insert a shirt as a mid-layer.
In particular, a difference between zip-front and button-front layers will wipe out the monotony and drabness, and add a stylish look with an intonated look.
The key to selecting a mid-layer is to choose one that is close in length to the short blouson.

The checked shirt in this spring coordinate plays an important role in accentuating the outfit. It is recommended to wear the checked shirt unbuttoned and just casually and roughly. The less visible area of the shirt increases the accent effect. If you want to make a difference in your early spring coordination, this is the shirt for you.

Enjoy Fashion!

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