From winter to spring with the calf suede "TRAMPER" coat that is both warm and stylish!

From winter to spring with the calf suede "TRAMPER" coat that is both warm and stylish!

Calf suede "TRAMPER" coat with a traveler's image.

The long back length has a shirttail design, giving it a jacket-like appearance when viewed from the front and a long shirt-like appearance when viewed from the back. While incorporating hunting jacket details, this oversized type can also be worn over a rider's jacket.

In this issue, we will show you how to coordinate with the "TRAMPER" coat in the middle of winter now and in the spring a little further down the road!

Winter coordination: Layering with a hoodie balances the neck area of the "TRAMPER" coat

TRAMPER" is designed to look like a single collar, so the neck feels somewhat cold in the winter time. During cold weather, it is also difficult to balance the overall volume without a three-dimensional collar or other parts around the neck and shoulders.
In such cases, we recommend layering with a hoodie is recommended. If you choose a parka with a design that allows the hood to stand on its own, you can achieve a well-balanced styling with the "TRAMPER" coat.

And don't forget a knit cap, which adds a sense of season while adding a casual atmosphere.

Finish the look with a simple black color, a hoodie with zips on the front and pockets as accents, and pants made of the same material, and show off the hood from the "TRAMPER" coat to create a cozy look.
While wearing a leather coat, the air-forrest atmosphere can produce an adult casual look.

Spring Coordinatesdesign mix and match "TRAMPER" coat with a mock neck

The calf suede "TRAMPER" coat 's stylish design-mixed atmosphere can be transformed into a spring look in one fell swoop! To change the stylish atmosphere of the calf-suede "TRAMPER" coat's mixed design to "spring" at once, you should use a mock neck as an inner layer.
A mock-neck with a stand-up collar is an item that can make a usual coordinate look different. It also has a somewhat elegant and sophisticated mood, making it suitable for adult wear.

The moderate thickness and firmness of this item gives a sense of the season by firmly cutting the silhouette in white. We also want to match the color of the innerwear and the sole of the boots to achieve a sense of unity.

I want to create a spring-like light atmosphere by choosing "OVER DOWN" for the bottoms, which has an eye-catching signature with an overlap in the front, and matching the brightness with the white mock neck of the innerwear.

Jeans, which have a strong workwear image, do not detract from a mature look. We recommend wearing them in a clean style with a " moderately loose" fit that does not detract from your mature look.

Enjoy Fashion!

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