Pit-tanned Shrunken Steerhide" with a unique grain expression.

Pit-tanned Shrunken Steerhide" with a unique grain expression.

The new face of STRUM series

The new series is a series of pit-tanned, shrink-wrapped steerhides with a rich, shiny, and bony look. "JOEY" and "M. VINCENTS" have been made to look extremely grainy and impactful, and are worth growing.

This time, "JOEY M. VINCENTS I would like to introduce a layered coordination using "JOEY" and "M.VINCENTS"!Casual down with an American-inspired lookxtagstartz/span>.

The "JOEY " is a pit-tanned, shrink-wrapped steerhide with an exotic leather-like appearance and a luster that is full of fibers.

In this season, when muted colors are the mainstay, a checked shirt works well as an accent, and the flannel material is a great way to create a casual American casual look. When used as an inner layer for a leather jacket, the small area of the shirt that is visible increases the accent effect and also creates a relaxed mood, which is the current trend. It also goes well with cargo pants, and the checkered pattern does not give a floaty impression, making it easy to incorporate into your winter coordinate.

The most common way to wear cargo pants these days is to cushion the full length to create a silhouette with movement.
If you want to make your legs look sleeker, choose cargo pants with a tapered shape, and adjust them with just one cushion at the top of the leg and above the boot!

M.VINCENTS" Coordinates: Blend the impression by combining the collared single rider and stainless steel collared coat worn underneath in dark tones.

Coordination of "M .VINCENTS" collared single riders with black ground grain that differs from one to another under a navy melton stainless steel collared coat. By combining the beautiful overcoat and the hard rider's jacket in dark tones, the impression of the two is blended together, creating an outfit that does not make the wearer feel uncomfortable with the wool and leather.

If you want to coordinate an outerwear-on-outer outfit in this winter season, a collared single rider jacket with a leather jacket as an inner layer goes well with the coat.
The collar of the rider's jacket peeking out from the inside gives a good twist to the layered look.

Enjoy Fashion!

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