New model "BIRD MAN" is released from 2024 SS "NEW WORLD"!

New model "BIRD MAN" is released from 2024 SS "NEW WORLD"!


The "Oil Calf" series is made by chrome-tanning raw calf leather in Japan, and has a fine texture, strength, suppleness, and lightness. This season's base material has a tiger pattern and a matte luster with a well-defined grain.

This time, the new "BIRD MAN" (B ird Man) The new "BIRD MAN" is now available in the following coordinates!

Coordinates ①: New "BIRD MAN" and Crushed & Repaired denim for a playful combination

The new "BIRD MAN" double riders and crash-and-repair denim are styled with a playful spirit.
Since cut-and-sewn clothing would look too childish, we would like to increase the level of maturity by using a shirt with high neutralizing power as an inner layer.

The fine texture and softness of oil calf are the key to maintaining a clean look while giving off a rock 'n' roll vibe.

Crushed and repaired denim has a lot of impact, but the subtle accent patterns andcolor matching will enhance the fashionable look.
By linking the leopard patch and shirt with a glimpse of leopard through the cuff of the leather jacket and further linking the tan color of the boot sole, a sense of unity of coordination is created.

Coordination 2: Themain "BIRD MAN" coordinate with the collar design feature and the neck standing up.

BIRD MAN" is a distinctive new model with a uniquely shaped left collar that can be worn high-necked with the collar up. The angle and width are exquisitely adjusted and designed to create a natural collar shape even when double opened.

This coordination is mainly based on "BIRD MAN," with the neck standing up and the design taking full advantage of the design.
The innerwear is also simple, with a black long T and SKINNY JOHN's hard-used leather jacket.

Except for the front zipper, the rest of the jacket is concealed to keep it as simple as possible.

The back is a luxurious one-piece without a narrow belly. The sides are gusseted to improve the range of motion of the arms.
The calf is cut and sewn so that the center of the calf itself is at the center of the rider's back.

This allows the tiger pattern to be seen beautifully on both sides from the center of the back.

Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 178cm/60kg



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