Military shirt blouson is released, which can be used as innerwear or light outerwear!

Military shirt blouson is released, which can be used as innerwear or light outerwear!

STRUM" 2024 SPRING / SUMMER "NEW WORLD" is released one after another!

This shirt blouson can be used not only as a single piece of clothing, but also as innerwear and light outerwear. This item is highly versatile and can also be used to create a relaxed and stylish look.

This time, we introduce a rayon linenmilitaryshirt blouson based on the Royal Navy shirt of the British Army. based on the British army's royal navy shirt!

How to wear a shirt blouson?

Oversized and loose-fitting silhouettes are the trend these days, but if the body width is too large or the length of the shirt and sleeves are too long, it is not only difficult to keep a good balance but also tends to make you look sloppy.
In order to wear a shirt blouson smartly and maturely, it is more important than anything else to find an item with a size that suits you.
Whether you choose to wear it as outerwear or as the main top, it is essential to choose a shirt that suits you and incorporate it into your coordinate in a subtle way.

Coordination 1: Wear the Ash shirt blouson as outerwear for a fresh look

The oversized shirt blouson is an excellent item to wear as a light outerwear for the changing seasons. In particular, an ash-colored shirt blouson not only moderately adjusts the temperature but also gives a fresh look to your coordinate.

Wear it over a white big T-shirt as a light outerwear and regular straight jeans for a casual look. The oversilhouette of the shirt gives it a modern look, while adding a good proportion of lightness and roughness to the coordinate.

Coordination 2: Suede blouson, inner shirt, and sweat pants combine to create a sporty style with a sense of mode

This sporty casual style with a sense of mode combines a black shirt blouson with a horse suede blouson "CRANK" and black sweatpants.
The oversized, yet comfortable rayon linen fabric can be worn with the suede blouson as an inner shirt without any difficulty. It also adds a sense of mode rather than wearing a cut and sewn shirt.

The dropped shoulders of the shirt blouson and sweatpants create an ethereal atmosphere, completing the current sports mix. The contrast between the sporty plain item and the shiny, relaxed shirt fabric is also a nice touch.

Enjoy Fashion!

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