Rayon linen wide pants with a wide yet elegant silhouette are released!

Rayon linen wide pants with a wide yet elegant silhouette are released!

STRUM" 2024 SPRING / SUMMER "NEW WORLD" is released one after another!

Wide pants have become an indispensable part of men's fashion.
In addition to their ability to create a fashionable silhouette, they are also attractive because they can easily hide any weak points in the body shape.

This time, weintroducerayon linen wide pants with a wide yet elegant silhouette that integrates tucks and side pockets!

Coordinates ①: For the real deal, we recommend semi-wide pants that are not too thick!

Adopting trends to an excessive degree can lead to an impression that is far from fashionable. If you want to incorporate seasonal wide pants for adults in a sophisticated manner, we recommend that you choose semi-wide silhouettes that are not too thick.

A tapered silhouette with plenty of room in the crotch and a moderately adjusted hem width will give the impression of subtly incorporating the trend, just like wearing orthodox pants.

It is also important to check if the pants are made of high quality fabrics that have a sense of fall. Wide pants made of fabrics with just the right amount of bounce and fall will create a sleek silhouette that drops down, giving the wearer a classy look.
In addition, the shiny material accentuates the drape that is created every time you walk, enhancing the mature atmosphere of the outfit.

Coordination 2: Wide slacks give a different impression depending on the length

At the most recent high-brand shows, wide slacks with a long length and a lot of cushioning were often seen, but it would be difficult to copy them as they are. In terms of ease of adoption, I would like to recommend the following, I would like to recommend the length of one cushion to half a cushion, where the hem is slightly tucked in at the feet. The length of slacks is also recommended in terms of their ease of use. The advantage of this is that it maintains the dressy and trendy mood that is the charm of slacks, while minimizing the risk of looking sloppy.

For those who don't want to bother with hemming, or who want to wear them at a length that creates a cushion, rolling them up instead of hemming them is an option. Wide slacks made of casual fabricssuch ascotton,linen, and nylon will not look uncomfortable when rolled up.

Enjoy Fashion!

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stc167-03 (size 4:m)

STC167-03( Wear size 4: M)

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