LUCA" sheep suede with a silky feel, delicacy and elegance.

LUCA" sheep suede with a silky feel, delicacy and elegance.

STRUM" 2024 SPRING / SUMMER "NEW WORLD" is released one after another!

The silky feel, delicacy, and elegance of the sheep suede "LUCA" is a single-rider jacket with a short length, a low climbing angle, and a shoulder slant that is fashionable for adults.

In this issue, the sheep suede " LUCA and introduces the key points of how to wear it!

Wearing point (1): Thick pants are still a good fit for the length of the sheep suede "LUCA

LUCA" in either sheep suede or oil calf is a new model that pursues fashion with a shorter length and slightly wider sleeves than the previous series. This slightly shorter length goes great with thicker bottoms such as wide pants.
Shorter outerwear is easy to strike the silhouette of bottoms, and is an item that creates a light atmosphere in early spring.

Dressing Point 2: Choose pants with a deep crotch and a sleek silhouette around the waist!

A deep crotch makes the waist appear higher, making the legs look shorter. They coordinate especially well with outerwear that is short in length.
If you keep the size of the deep crotch pants loose, you can change the position of the waist, so you can use them in a variety of coordinates and easily achieve a good balance.
These "RAD CLUB" jeans can be worn in a variety of ways by choosing a size with a loose waist, while keeping the waistline relaxed.

Dressing Tip #3: Adjust the length of the inner cut -and-sew by tucking it in.

If the cut and sewn innerwear is shorter than the outerwear, it is a good idea to tuck it in to balance the overall look. When tucking in, browsing to create a sagging hem will give a more sophisticated impression.
Browsing is a technique where the hem of the top is pulled out a little when it is tucked into the bottoms to give a fuller look at the waist.

Enjoy Fashion!

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