Aged buffalo skin "JOEY" with a masculine and masculine look that will age well and grow with time.

Aged buffalo skin "JOEY" with a masculine and masculine look that will age well and grow with time.

STRUM" 2024 SPRING / SUMMER "NEW WORLD" is released one after another!

If you want to add a masculine and rugged atmosphere to your spring coordinate, the rider's jacket is an item that cannot be excluded from your choices. The leather's unique austerity gives it a one-of-a-kind presence.

This time, introduces the buffalo skin "JOEY" double riders jacket! The following is a brief description of the jacket!

Characteristics of the leather: A bony and masculine series that is worth growing over time and enjoying the changes it undergoes!

Speaking of leather jackets, black outer leather (smooth leather) is the standard, but brown, camel, beige and other brown tones are also recommended for spring this season.

This time, it is made thick with 1.0mm, and the more it wears it, the more luster increases, and the more it becomes soft, the more you can enjoy the change over time, and it is a series with the bony and masculinity that is worth raising finished by dyeing to the extent that the color is adjusted from gnome.

(2) Characteristic of the model: STRUM's only American jacket "JOEY

Based on the detail of the US type, the epaulettes are thin and stylish.
Unlike other models, the American jean has action pleats to increase the range of motion of the arms , only belt and loops at the hem, coin pockets, and a shorter length.

(3) Coordinates: Match the atmosphere of the American jacket with "American casual" fashion.

American casual fashion expresses casual dressing by incorporating jeans,leather jackets, work boots, and plaid flannel shirts with American roots from various styles such as work, military, biker, surf, college, and country.
This time, the coordination is truly "American casual" fashion!
Yellow and brown checked shirt and indigo used regular straight
"1977 " are combined for a casual adult American casual style.
The color of the buffalo skin leather jacket is a good unifying factor.

Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 178cm/60kg



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