Sheepskin suede ribbed blouson "DUKE" with elegant texture to create a calm atmosphere

Sheepskin suede ribbed blouson "DUKE" with elegant texture to create a calm atmosphere

STRUM" 2024 SPRING / SUMMER "NEW WORLD" is released one after another!

Blouson is a general term for outerwear with a short length, with a narrow hem and a bulge at the back. Leather blouson in particular, Leather blousons, in particular, have a masculinity that is hard to achieve with other outerwear, and their elegant texture creates a calm atmosphere.

This time, introduces the new sheep suede ribbed blouson "DUKE" ( Duke ) is introduced!

Coordinates (1): Differentiate yourself in styling by taking advantage of the short length and hemmed form.

The key to dressing a leather blouson is to differentiate it through styling, taking advantage of its short length and narrow hem.
In this case, the important thing is to choose the right bottoms, and the silhouette of the bottoms will stand out.
For the bottoms chosen this time, we chose tapered bottoms, with a silhouette that is neither too thick nor too thin, and side lines that give a sporty and light impression.

Of course, the appearance of a blouson worn with trendy full-length wide pants or baggy jeans is quite different from that of a blouson worn with slim tapered pants, which tend to create a mature and smart impression, depending on whether the blouson is oversized or just right. It is also important to consider the overall balance of the styling.

Coordinates (2): A cool, all-black, casual adult look.

Straight jeans with the soft texture and classy look of sheep suede with a used finish and a rock T. This is a cool, all-black, casual adult look.
Standard straight jeans and a rock-inspired printed T add just the right amount of roughness, while the texture of the leather blouson is the key to the urban atmosphere.

Adding to the casual atmosphere is the leather mesh cap. Furthermore, wearing the cap backwards makes it more ◎
The unification of the suede texture with the leather blouson, leather mesh cap, and boots also raises the mature atmosphere to a higher level.

Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 178cm/60kg







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