2024-25AW advance reservation meeting, BEST 3 popular ranking!

2024-25AW advance reservation meeting, BEST 3 popular ranking!

STRUM" 2024-25 AUTUMN / WINTER COLLECTION "My life my love

If you try to live, you will be crippled

If you are willing to die, you will find a way to live

How many lives are there?

The only love is to live in uncertain times with attention to detail

Love is life. Life is thought.

The 2024-25 AUTUMN / WINTER COLLECTION is presented under the theme of passion and emptiness, light and shadow.

This time, we introduce the BEST 3 models, although they are in the middle of the pre-order event being held!

Popularity No.1: Full tanning tanned calfskin, burnt and product dyed HI-FLYER double riders jacket - CRIMSON RED

Many of you have been waiting for the release of HI-FLYER inBurning dyed for the first time in four seasons since the 2022 SS. The overwhelming popularity of the new color, CRIMSON RED, is no surprise.

It is dyed RED three times in its finished state and then Burning dyed twice with BLACK on top of it. The color is removed when it is exposed to ultraviolet rays, pulled up, and the color darkens when touched by hand (like animal oil, human fat also darkens).

The "HI-FLYER" is the only one of its kind with a design source that is not too much of an exaggeration.
The design is inspired by vintage leather jackets, with studs on both ends of the zipper and a zipper pocket with metal parts on both ends on the inside front. A chin strap attached to the inside of the upper collar allows the entire front to be closed to keep out the wind.

The size of the collar and the rounded angle of the front zipper are also unique to this model.

Popular No.2: Full tanning natural wrinkle horsehide SPEEDER double riders jacket - BLACK

The new "Full tanning natural wrinkle horsehide SPEEDER" is ranked in the top 3, featuring a "tiger pattern" like exotic leather, which the designers have never seen before by shrinking the deep wrinkles of Italian horsehide raw hides!

SPEEDER" is an eye-catching model that is almost invisible from the front because the buckle is in the back in the old Long-John style, and the leather parts surround the hem as if it were a belt, and the flap protects the contact of the zip, such as a motorcycle tank.
This is the No.1 model in STRUM's popularity.

The "tiger pattern" grain on the back has an artistic look.
Since it is finished without extra oil in order to make it light, you will be surprised at how light it actually is despite its heavy appearance.
The leather is stiff and resilient at first, but the more you wear it, the softer and more supple it becomes, and the more it bites and shines, making it a leather jacket that is worth growing.

Popularity No.3: combi tanned brown-core horsehide JOEY double rider's jacket - BLACK

STRUM's first "brown-core" rider finished with dyes, ranked in the BEST3 by those who said it could not be missed as a STRUMER!

It has surprising elasticity and lightness by using oil wax at the base stage and adding tannin without removing chrome.

The fact that it is finished with dyes instead of pigments, as is typical of STRUM, also tickles the hearts of enthusiasts.
The brown color is dyed at the base stage, and the core is not dyed with black dye, but is finished with a brown core.

JOEY" is STRUM's only American-style jacket, with no underarm gussets, action pleats to increase the range of motion of the arms, and narrow shoulder epaulettes for a smart impression.

The sample shown in the image has been processed. (The sample in the image has been processed.
We recommend you to start from scratch without processing and enjoy the natural aging process of the leather and brown core.

Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 182cm/65kg



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