The best items for this time of year with the cold temperatures in April!

The best items for this time of year with the cold temperatures in April!

April is a month of extreme temperature differences, making it surprisingly difficult to choose the right clothing.

Although the temperature gradually rises in April and becomes more comfortable, it is surprisingly difficult to choose the right clothing, as the mornings and evenings can be 10°C or more colder than in the daytime.

In this issue, Focusing on men's outfits for April, we will introduce the best items and coordination!

Recommended items for April: Wear good things for a long time, and invest in a "leather jacket" now!

Over the past few years, there has been a growing mood to wear good things for a long time.
The price of raw materials continues to soar and the prices of all kinds of products continue to rise, so if you have been hesitant about purchasing your dream item, this is the year to take the plunge and invest in it.
An increasing number of high-end European brands have announced that they will stop using genuine leather in the future, and it can be predicted that this item will become increasingly rare.
A good quality "leather jacket" will not only elevate your outfit just by wearing it, but it is also an item that will last for 10 or 20 years, so be sure to check it out!

Front-opening tops that can be easily put on and taken off during the hot daytime and put back on in the evening when you feel chilly are a big hit in April.
Zip-ups and shirts are lightweight and easy to carry, so it is a good idea to have one of these favorites on hand.

This shirt is a shirt blouson that can also be worn as outerwear, based on the British Army Royal Navy shirt. The soft rayon linen material, while being generously sized, is sure to work well as an inner layer as well.

This season's "track jacket " has a retro sports taste and a light, relaxed look. The stretchy, lightweight, wrinkle-free jersey fabric makes it easy to put on and take off without worrying about wrinkles when out and about, and it can also be used as an inner layer, making it the perfect light outerwear for April, when the temperature changes markedly between morning and evening and during the day.

Recommended item for April (3): Long-length calf suede cardigan " ALTERNA" (alterna) for a one-rank higher look.

Since lightweight short-length jackets and sporty outerwear are the mainstream this time of year, a long-length suede cardigan is a fashionable coordinate that sets you apart from the rest.
The cardigan can be worn over a leather jacket, and just by throwing it over a long T-shirt in early spring, you can create a one-rank higher look.
However, the windproof property of leather will protect you from the spring breeze at night.

Enjoy Fashion!

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