The new "BIRD MAN" in a new elegant color blending purple and bright blue.

The new "BIRD MAN" in a new elegant color blending purple and bright blue.

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Leather jackets are outerwear with high wind and cold protection, so depending on the temperature, you can wear it smartly by adjusting the inner layer, such as layering a thin knit on a chilly day or wearing it over a T-shirt on a warm day.

This time, introduces the new "BIRD MAN" double riders jacket in new colors! in new colors at !

(1) Characteristics of leather: Tends to vary greatly over time, for those who strongly desire a unique piece of clothing that is uniquely their own.

Burning dyed " is a process in which the dye changes color by the reaction of the fire to the alcohol after the fire is turned on and the dye changes color and burns, creating a unique uneven texture.

The burnt dye is fixed, and the unique shading and unevenness create an expression that is characterized by an elegant and colorful atmosphere that cannot be found in product dyeing.

The new royal blue color is an elegant blend of purple and bright blue.

The blue color of Burning dyed tends to have a large difference in color change over time, and is recommended for those who strongly desire their own unique piece of clothing.

(2) Characteristic of the model: This season's new "BIRD MAN" featuring a high neck style.

Double riders jacket " BIRD MAN" ( Bird Man) with a unique part on the collar, double, closed and collar down, and high neck with the collar up and the snaps stopped, giving you a wide range of ways to wear it.

(3) Coordination: Emphasizing the royal blue leather jacket as the main subject, with blue as the axis of the coordination

Here is a technique that uses blue as the axis of the coordinate to emphasize the main leather jacket in a vivid color.
As an application, a cool impression can be created by using black as a contracting color for the innerwear and bottoms, which emphasizes the royal blue outerwear as the main subject of the outfit and creates a clean and clear look.

Enjoy Fashion!

Model: 178cm/60kg



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