Men's boots coordination for spring and summer, and how to incorporate them into the season.

Men's boots coordination for spring and summer, and how to incorporate them into the season.

Summer boot styles, how to incorporate them into the season?

Summer boot styles have both pros and cons. If you want to incorporate them into your coordination, you need to keep in mind the points you should pay attention to.

In this issue, we will introduce three coordinated styles for men's summer boots!

1) Suede Engineer Boots x Shorts

If you are going to wear boots in spring and summer, we recommend suede boots. It is said that suede shoes are breathable as a characteristic of leather and are often worn in desert areas. Suede shoes were originally worn by the British Army for operations in the desert because of the breathability of the material.

Although these boots are said to be a little unsuitable for spring and summer, they can create a strong sense of the season depending on how you coordinate them.

If you match this coordination with sandals or light sneakers, a light and summery style will be completed, The choice of suede "RUDY" engineer boots for the feet adds a sense of weight.

Wearing shorts may make you look like a boy or give you a resort look, but by using engineer boots for the feet, linking the inner T-shirt to the color of the boots, and wearing a simple sheepskin suede single rider "LCCA", an adult mode feeling is added, The entire coordination will be tightened up.

(2) Logger boots and cropped jeans

This casual summer coordination has an American casual taste with a floral print open collar short sleeve shirt and cropped blue jeans " CROPPED JAM".

The color of the product-dyed shirt and the work-style logger boots "AXE" are linked to create a cohesive look.

The cropped bottoms are of course matched with leather sandals, but in this case, the voluminous logger boots give the outfit a rugged masculine look.

By changing the amount of "skin showing" by wearing a short-sleeved top, a tank top as an inner layer, and shortening the length of the bottoms, the coordination is completed without looking heavy, even with the boots on the feet.

Riders' boots × Regular straight jeans

Shrunken horsehide riders' boots are set in the royal and martial coordination of oil calf single riders "LUCA" and thick straight silhouette "1977".

The classic leather jacket and jeans coordinate can be seen in the ruggedness of the outfit raised to a higher level by the riders' boots. It can be said that the atmosphere that is difficult to achieve with sneakers or sandals is the charm of boots.

This coordination also uses spring and summer-specific techniques.
The white inner layer of STRUM's classic V-neck T-shirt and the white sole of the rider's boots serve as a color accent, and the black of the leather jacket is used to keep the look from becoming too heavy.
Jeans are also chosen in a used finish, and the light gray color gives a fresh impression.

Enjoy Fashion!

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