What is "track jacket," a hot item in men's fashion?

What is "track jacket," a hot item in men's fashion?

Track Jacket" is a standard outerwear that can be used as outerwear and innerwear during the changing seasons

In recent years, rather than one category being in vogue, all kinds of mix-and-match styles have been accepted in fashion.
Among them, sportswear has gained citizenship as a fashion item. In particular, "track jackets" are standard outerwear that can be used as outerwear and innerwear during the changing seasons.

This time, we introduce STRUM's first " track jacket!

What is a "track jacket"?

A track jacket is a light outerwear developed as athletic wear for training.
It is mainly worn by athletes before and after track events to keep their bodies cool, and is characterized by a stand collar with a front zipper, highly elastic cuffs, and a waistband.
The materials used are mainly jersey fabrics made of synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. In Japan, both track jackets and track pants are often referred to as "jersey" using the name of the material as the item name.

How to wear a track jacket (1): Maintain a chic, urban look with a focus on dark tones.

If you are an adult male and want to wear a track jacket smartly as street wear, we recommend you use mainly dark tones to create a chic, urban atmosphere.
Basic colors such as black can be easily matched with other clothes on hand, making it easy to enjoy a variety of mix-and-match coordinates.
Also, although they are often in demand as lightweight outerwear during this season, they also demonstrate their ability as innerwear for leather jackets.
The stand collar with front zipper is an excellent match for layering with both single and double leather jackets.

Track jacket outfit 2: Linking the colors of the black track jacket, stripes and shorts to create a sense of unity

A black track jacket with black stripes on the sleeves, a white tank top, knee-length box shorts, and white-soled riders' boots.
The black color of the track jacket and the color of the shorts are linked to create a unified look.

The shorts give the outfit a light and airy feel, and the white inner tank top and boot soles refresh the look.

Wearing a track jacket as a town wear requires a certain technique. This is because simple, sporty items can look tacky if they are incorporated into a coordinated outfit without thought, so it is important to keep the following points in mind: choose a highly fashionable track jacket, and combine items with similar tastes and colors to the track jacket to avoid making the outfit look out of place. So, keep these points in mind .

Enjoy Fashion!

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