Military shirts" that appeal with their mainstay presence and martial spirit.

Military shirts" that appeal with their mainstay presence and martial spirit.

Military shirts that produce a tough masculine look

Military shirts are a generic term for work shirts developed as military wear, such as fatigues and field shirts, and produce a tough masculine look.
There are a wide variety of designs, including epaulettes, flap pockets on both chests, and patches, and they have a leading role in the market.

This time, we focus on STRUM's " post-dyed rayon linen washer cloth military shirt blouson" and introduce the key points of dressing and coordination!

Coordinates for military shirt blouson (1): Military shirts are restrained from being martial by color matching.

When coordinating military shirts for adults, it is best to make a difference by wearing them in a clean and elegant manner.

Military shirts are items that have a starring role, so if they are worn in a typical way or with a serious military look, they will look dowdy. If you want to blend in with the city, it is best to keep a clean look in mind.

Therefore, we chose "ash" colors for coordination instead of khaki or beige. Military shirts are based on earth colors, and the trick is to create the right amount of a relaxed impression to blend in with the city. By choosing white military shirts in ivory, cream, ash, etc., the military look can be removed and a beautiful impression can be created.

Military shirt blouson coordination 2: Wear it as outerwear to express a mixed style

Military shirts can be worn as a blouson to express a mixed style.
By wearing a military shirt with a light jacket, you can express a mixed style.
T-shirt, cropped jeans, and sneakers and sneakers to create a relaxed, casual atmosphere.

Also, this military shirt, made of rayon linen, a material that has both the fall and luster of a natural material and the tension of a natural material, goes well with beautiful items, allowing you to enjoy a variety of fashion mix and match.

This military shirt blouson has wide sleeves and blouson cuffs, so you can roll up the sleeves and button the cuffs on the narrow side as shown in the image below to create the perfect summer shape.

Enjoy Fashion!

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