What are the tips for wearing "patterned shirts" in a well-balanced way?

What are the tips for wearing "patterned shirts" in a well-balanced way?

Patterned shirts are an excellent item that even motivates the wearer

Patterned shirts with various motifs such as checks, stripes, dots, animals, flowers, botanicals, and graphical geometric patterns create a sense of fashionable styling, making them an excellent item that even motivates the wearer.

In this issue, we focus on STRUM's "patterned shirts" and introduce tips on how to wear them!

What is a pattern used on a shirt?

To make a patterned shirt unique and fashionable, it is important to choose the right pattern.
Patterned shirts have a flamboyance and glamour that plain shirts do not have, and they raise the level of classic and modern atmosphere, motivating the wearer with their different patterns.
As a standard for patterned shirts, striped shirts create a fresh, clean look.
The floral patterned shirt, which creates a resort or tropical mood, is a typical example of a patterned shirt that creates an open and relaxed mood in the summer.

Tips for wearing patterned shirts (1): Use a white tank top, which has excellent neutralizing power, to remove acne and give a clean look to the coordination.

Patterned shirts come in a wide variety of designs, colors, and pattern sizes. Some are relatively popular and easy to incorporate into a coordinate, while others are more difficult to wear due to their use of multiple colors, flashy hues, or bold, eye-catching motifs.
However, the use of a plain white tank top as an inner layer is a powerful strategy for any patterned shirt.
By adding a white tank top, which has the ability to neutralize a coordinated look, the patterned shirt worn over the tank top is accentuated and the coordinated look is instantly refreshed.

This technique can be applied to everything from the striped pattern shown here to animal prints that have a big impact, and it is easy to use a standard white tank top.

Tips for wearing patterned shirts (2): Blend the use of color into the styling to accentuate the stylishness unique to patterned shirts.

The key to wearing a patterned shirt smartly is to blend it with the styling by using colors.
This technique, in which one color is selected from the base color, assorted colors, and accent colors of the patterned shirt and blended with the colors of other items, avoids making the patterned shirt stand out alone and enhances the sense of unity in the styling, This technique avoids making the patterned shirts stand out alone, while also creating a sense of unity in the styling, which is difficult to achieve with solid color items.

The impression of the coordination will change depending on the colors picked up from the patterned shirts and the items to be coordinated with them.
It can be said that what colors you focus on is the deciding factor for a fashionable look.

Enjoy Fashion!

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