Collection: How to remove mildew from leather jacket & how to care for it

The more you wear a leather jacket, the more it becomes familiar with your body and grows into your own unique piece of clothing. Some people have worn their jackets for more than 10 years while maintaining them, making them a one-of-a-kind item. Have you ever found that your leather jacket has "mold" on it when you try to wear it when the season for wearing it arrives? In this page, we will explain how to remove mildew from your leather jacket.

1. prepare a tightly wrung towel

Wet a towel and wring it out tightly until no water comes out at all. When ready, use the towel to remove the mold. 2.

2. carefully wipe off the mold one by one

If you wipe the entire area, the mold will spread to other areas.

By wiping off the mold one by one, you can remove the mold without spreading it to other parts of the house.

3. brushing

Brush the area that has just been wiped with a shoe cleaning brush (any material, such as pig bristle or nylon).

Brushing thoroughly removes the roots of the mold from the wrinkles and fibers of the leather, thereby preventing the reappearance of mold.

Brushing the entire surface of the leather, not just the moldy areas, will remove dirt from the surface of the leather and prevent new mold growth. 4.

4) Wipe up with disinfectant ethanol

The next thing to prepare is disinfectant ethanol. Even if the mold on the surface is removed, if the roots of the mold remain, they will grow back in the same place, so disinfectant ethanol is used to remove them.

Spray the entire jacket lightly with disinfectant ethanol and wipe it up with a tightly wrung towel. (In this case, do not use the towel used for the first wipe-off.

Disinfectant ethanol can be found in ordinary drugstores. 5.

5. hang to dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place

After wiping off the disinfectant ethanol, hang it to dry in the shade where it is well-ventilated as much as possible. 6.

6. notes on removing mildew

There is no problem with black leather jackets, but STRUM's leather jackets are basically made of "unbleached" leather, which is leather that has been dyed and finished with dyes to bring out its original texture.

Since it easily absorbs liquids, please make sure to check for stains in an inconspicuous place before using any liquids.

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